Let’s face it: You can’t be careful enough anymore when it comes to keeping your family, your employees, your company and yourself safe. You’d never consider buying a car without airbags anymore. Your office network has the best cybersecurity available to commercial users. And now you’re looking to amp up your business’s security system, too.

Why You Need Safety Door Installation in Austin

Commercial properties are like candy stores for burglars and other criminals. They often have expensive wares on the premises, plus, they have valuable equipment like computers and other electronics that are needed to run a business. And unfortunately, the weak spots in your security system are always going to be your property’s doors. Here’s why: though windows are vulnerable, you can place fixed bars in front of them so no-one can get in without somehow sawing through the iron bars. And unless you’re dealing with a bunch of seasoned thieves like the ones responsible for the recent silver heist in Austin, you’re not likely to encounter burglars who are going to go to the trouble of breaking through a wall or tunneling through the floor. So that leaves your doors. You can’t place fixed bars in front of them, because you need to get in and out. So what can you do?

That’s where Chameleon Overhead Doors offers the perfect solution: safety doors. These are sturdy iron doors that are mounted in front of the regular door on the exterior of your property. In addition to being pretty much indestructible, they’re also outfitted with top quality locks that will slow most burglars down considerably.

Safety Door Installation in Austin: A Psychological Deterrent

Safety doors aren’t just a practical, physical layer of protection they’re also a psychological deterrent. A burglar who sees your safety door is going to think twice about targeting your property, because it’s going to take time and effort to get past all that iron. And being exposed for that amount of time increases his or her chances of getting caught.

To find out more about safety doors, call Chameleon Overhead Doors at 512-203-9866!

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