Gate Service & Installation in Austin


If you own your own home, you want it to be a safe and secure place where you and your family can relax. If you consider that in 2013, there were more than 10,000 burglaries in the Austin area, then it becomes clear that simply locking your doors and windows isn’t going to provide enough of a deterrent to keep your property safe.

The same goes for business owners. Companies typically own a lot of valuable equipment. These include computers, servers, printers and so on for administrative purposes, as well as other types of industry-related equipment ranging from tractors to light boxes. And then there’s also the risk of losing valuable intellectual property in a burglary.

Benefits of Installing a Gate

Clearly, it’s imperative for both homeowners and business owners to protect their property, as well as the people in them. A gate adds a sturdy level of protection that enhances your privacy while simultaneously deterring burglars and other criminals. Plus, your insurance company probably offers a rate reduction if you select a gate that’s one of their approved enhanced security measures.

Types of Gates and Accessories

There are a wide range of gates and accessories that you can choose from, including custom designed gates, rails, drive-through gates, pedestrian gates, gates operating devices, keypad systems and more.

Consult with the Gates Experts at Chameleon Garage Door

Before deciding what type of gate to purchase, schedule an appointment with the gates experts at Chameleon Garage Door. We have years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing gates for homeowners and business owners in the Austin area, and we can put all of that experience to work for you. When you discuss your requirements with us, we’ll suggest the most stylish, safe and cost-effective solutions that match your budget. And of course, we’ll provide you with prompt, top-quality gates installation that causes the minimum amount of disruption to you and your family or business.

So don’t wait any longer: call us and ask about our gates services today!