New Door Installation in Austin

glass-garage-doorNo matter how well you take care of your property, your garage doors have a finite life of approximately 10 years. Wear and tear due to constant use, as well as extreme weather changes, take their toll on the structure and mechanism of your doors, compromising their strength and making them function less smoothly.

Of course, garage doors can easily get damaged by vehicles, flying debris during a storm or other unexpected circumstances.

Whatever the reason, when your garage doors show bursts, cracks or dents, or if they don’t open and close smoothly anymore, it’s definitely time to replace them.

At the same time, there are also many homeowners who treat their home as an investment. These property owners understand that an outdated door that doesn’t have the latest technology can affect the value of their homes.

Benefits of New Door Installation with Chameleon Overhead Doors

Fortunately, the team of expert technicians here at Chameleon Overhead Doors can advise you on the benefits of new door installation:

  • Your home will be more secure, which can help protect against burglars.
  • The door will function more smoothly and you’ll experience less issues than with the old one.
  • A new door without cracks or fissures offers your garage and its contents better protection from the elements, as well as from contaminants.
  • A new door comes with options such as motion sensors, timers and security system integration, which can make for a safer, more pleasurable user experience.
  • New doors look more stylish and can add significantly to your home’s curb appeal.
  • New doors can drive up the value of your property.

Thanks to our years of experience serving customers in the greater Austin area, our technicians possess the knowledge to advise you on your best options for new door installation. In addition, since all of our people are highly trained and properly screened, you can be sure you’re getting the most professional and trustworthy service possible. Perhaps you just need panel replacement? We do that too. Don’t wait: call Chameleon Overhead Doors for new door installation today!