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Wonderful service! We had some damage to our garage door after some kids kicked a ball into it, and Chameleon helped us replace it quickly and cheaply! The employees were very nice and told us exactly what to expect (in terms of the replacement and the cost) throughout the process, which was perfect! They were very efficient and even made sure to follow up with us a week after the installation to ensure that there weren’t any problems. I would absolutely use them again!

Alice Chen

Ed came out to fix my garage door opener and I can honestly say that he was extremely polite, very professional, and confirmed that I was not going crazy and that I had a real issue! I had another company come out, which will remain nameless for servicing…you know those $39 coupons?…a couple of times in the past and they always blamed my issue on one thing or another and when they would leave, it would start to mess up over and over again.

Eddy to the rescue! He had the parts I needed on hand already, so was definitely prepared, and was able to complete the job quicker than expected and even put the trash in the appropriate garbage bins when he was finished. He then went over all of the instructions and made sure everything was working to our satisfaction. He was truly a joy and I will definitely recommend him and Chameleon Overhead Doors to my friends and family.


A very happy customer in Round Rock!

Linda Summers

Chameleon Overhead Doors rocks! After moving back stateside, I had to store a lot of my belongings in the garage. When the garage door went off the rail and got stuck diagonally near the top of the garage, I panicked because all of my things were left exposed to the street and everyone passing by. I called around frantically but Chameleon was the quickest to respond and they were the most sympathetic to my concerns. They sent someone that same day! Edi was very knowledgeable, efficient and incredibly professional. He had my door back on the tracks and straightened out in half an hour. I am very pleased with Chameleon and would recommend them to everybody! Edi’s the best!

Ann Gore

They did a great job with our garage door. My wife was panicked when she tried to open it in the morning one day and the system was not working, but Chameleon did a great job helping her out when I wasn’t around. They were quick and friendly and gave us a great price! Thanks!

Brian Chen

When my garage door broke, I called Chameleon. It was easy to set up an appointment with them, and they quickly figured out the problem. After replacing the spring, my garage door works like new. Fast and friendly, I highly recommend using Chameleon.

Sannee Del Rosario

The service I received from Chameleon was super fast, courteous, and I never felt pressured in any way to purchase something I didn’t request. This came in very handy one day when my garage door suddenly wouldn’t open…and sadly it wasn’t just a matter of changing the batteries in my opener. I work full time so finding businesses that are willing and able to work around my schedule is usually pretty difficult. Edi from Chameleon Overhead doors not only worked around my schedule but assessed the problem AND finished the needed work before the end of an episode of Mr. Robot. (Given the fact he had to replace the opening system color me impressed.) I am so happy with my experience and would definitely recommend Chameleon to anyone who needs similar services.

Cindy Rho

Working with Chameleon was both very pleasant and easy. They fixed my garage door promptly and at a reasonable price compared to other companies out there. I would highly recommend their services.

Richard Cavazos

High quality service, technician showed up in a promptly matter.  A positive experience!

Ben Romberg