Panel Replacement in Austin

Panel replacement

Panel replacement

Your teen driver hits the garage door by mistake and busts one of the panels.

A massive branch falls off a tree during a storm and damages your garage door.

Your garage door jams halfway up and one of the midsection panels bends out of shape.

No matter how careful you and your family are, accidents happen. And when an accident results in one or more damaged garage door panels, you need to respond immediately. Here’s why:

  • Dents can affect how the door rolls or lifts up, possibly making it difficult to open and close the door.
  • Cracks between the panels can compromise the security of the door, which can make your home a potentially easy target for burglars.
  • Fissures in or between the sections can expand and compromise the door’s alignment, which in turn can force it out of the tracks, rendering the door unusable.

It should be clear that the longer you wait to repair or replace a damaged panel, the worse the damage can get. Unfortunately, many homeowners do wait to contact a technician because they think they’ll need to replace the entire door. However, it’s important to understand that in many cases this isn’t necessary.

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Advantages of Chameleon Overhead Doors Panel Replacement

The team of expert technicians at Chameleon Garage Door are experienced in assessing damage to garage door sections or panels and subsequently suggesting cost-effective solutions. Whether you’re paying for the repairs yourself or an insurance company is involved, you want to be sure that you’re only paying for what needs to be done. Our technicians will provide you with honest, objective advice and a transparent quote that takes all costs into account, including labor and any necessary parts. Additionally, all of our work and parts come with a warranty, so you always have peace of mind.

If you need garage door panel replacement in the greater Austin area, then call Chameleon Overhead Doors for a free estimate today!