Gate Opener Repair in Austin, TX

If you’ve gone to the trouble of purchasing a house with a gate, or actually having one installed on your existing property, then you should be able to expect a reasonable performance from it. After all, it’s what keeps your family safe and secure. If you begin to notice some odd quirks in the way it works, or begin to have serious problems with its functionality, it’s time to call in some gate opener repair. Not sure exactly what to look for? Here’s a handy list of 3 signs you might need maintenance performed on your gate opener in Austin, TX.

  1. The gate doesn’t stop where it usually does: If your gate seems to be stopping in an odd place, you’ve got a problem that could get worse without maintenance. This usually has to do with the limit switch failing to be hit at the proper time — and if that doesn’t sound like something you can handle yourself, or worse, sounds like total gobbledygook, it’s time to call in a professional who can help you with gate opener repair.
  1. The gate doesn’t close all the way: The whole purpose of having a gate is to be able to close it once you’ve made your way inside, so one that won’t close all the way doesn’t provide much security at all. This could either be the result of a mechanical or electrical problem, so have it looked at and addressed immediately by an expert.
  1. The gate moves in a direction it shouldn’t be: If you have a swing gate that suddenly comes at your car, or a sliding gate that seems to do the opposite of what you want, there could be further problems ahead. The last thing you need is damage to your property caused by a malfunctioning gate, so call in for gate opener repair to make sure your future trips through it are safe and secure.

You have a gate at your Austin, TX home for security, so make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Don’t just put up with a malfunction in hopes that it will eventually correct itself; instead, call the trusted experts at Chameleon Overhead Doors for gate opener repair — they’ll bring much-needed protection back to your house, and with it, your loved ones inside.

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